Spa and Hot Tub Decks – design and construction services

Hot tubs and spas are a very common feature of the decks that we have designed and built. Clients almost always get self-contained “portables;” but some have had us install shells with remote pumps and heaters.

Adding a spa adds several considerations to the deck design. Functionally, hot tubs and spas are mostly for fun and entertaining or for therapy (or both.) We always start with function in creating a design. Hot tubs and spas (and their covers when off) take up more space than most people realize; so decks with spa areas tend to be bigger. It is very important to locate the spa carefully so that it is in a good strategic location in terms of privacy and view, structural requirements and traffic flow. Most of the time, our clients want a certain view as well as privacy screening; so locating the spa becomes a matter of “threading the needle.” Structural support is rarely much of a technical challenge although it does make it harder to make the area under an upper deck look good. We have been pretty successful in creatively and artistically handling such things.

Most spa manufacturers recommend sitting on the edge of the spa and swinging around to enter. To this end, they offer steps. Most clients find the idea of a spa plopped onto a deck or patio with a little set of steps to be a little stark. We generally sink the spa part way into the deck to give it a built-in look and to allow the recommended entry method. Often, we can add interest and utility with more than one level around the spa.

The real trick is making an appealing spa area that looks like a natural part of the deck while maintaining a view and providing privacy.

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