StreetPrint Decorative Paving

“StreetPrint” was developed in Canada in 1991 to meet commercial and municipal needs for decorative paving that is durable, economical and maintainable. It is used around the world in climates much more severe than ours. It works there; and it works here. Essential Extras, Inc. sold its first “StreetPrint” project in 1997.

For years, we have routinely added, expanded or modified brick, paver and concrete patios as parts of our projects; so we intended to add “StreetPrint” to our patio repertoire. By 2000, we had learned that it is not cost effective for us to install it for “stand alone” patios under 500-600 square feet. Below this size, other materials are usually more efficient. It is therefore, for us, primarily a driveway and front sidewalk product, although paving a patio area can be practical if done in conjunction with a driveway.

For driveways, it cannot be beat in its price range. “StreetPrint” costs just over half as much as bricks or pavers. It is somewhat more than plain white concrete and similar in price to stamped concrete. Unlike concrete, it is maintainable, is unaffected by road salt and does not tend to absorb oil. Virtually invisible repairs can be made to cracks, tree root problems, settling after new home construction or mechanical damage. No annual maintenance is required; but proper installation of high quality pavement is required. We see to that. It is one of the most impressive products we have used in almost 40 years around construction. Product information is located at

We are willing, able and trained to do commercial and municipal “StreetPrint” projects but mainly focus on high quality driveways.

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