Our System – The Way We Work

Good Reasons to Work with Essential Extras

Established 1971

Informative analysis and evaluation of your project
– Determine and clarify the purposes and functions that meet your goals
– Designs and materials that look like they belong and enhance the value of your home
– Vision to tie everything together into a unique and truly custom design
– Expect immediate benefits and appreciate them even more later on

Competitive pricing
– Good value for our expertise, creativity, level of service and standards of work
– Realistic assessment of how well your project fits your budget
– Able to adapt scope of work to investment target and develop an appropriate budget

Vast experience
– Familiar with all aspects of constructing your project (or we will tell you)
– Experience successfully dealing with unusual, complicated and difficult situations
– Very knowledgeable about features, characteristics and costs of materials
– 1000+ projects like yours over 20+ years in about 90 jurisdictions

Other factors
– Quickly provide pricing for straightforward projects
– Stable, dependable consistent key people (The young one has 30 years experience.)
– Increased value and enjoyment of your home from good design professionally executed

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