Shade Arbors and Pergolas – design and construction services

Arbors and pergolas can completely transform an area. “Arbor” and “pergola” are closely interchangeable terms for overhead structures. Some are purely decorative; and some are primarily functional, e.g. for shade; but most are both decorative and functional. Our portfolio pictures hundreds that we have designed and built. We offer job file plans, drawings, details and photos for most of them.

We always begin with function, i.e. what the arbor or pergola will do for you. Shade is the most frequent function. Rain protection, privacy screening, porch swing holders and creating a cozy outdoor room atmosphere are common requests. Often, the structure helps define, accent or block an area or view. Once we know what the arbor or pergola has to accomplish, we create designs that handle the functions and fit into the setting. There is usually a deck or patio underneath; so the arbor or pergola must blend with the scale, style, flow and elevation of the area. There are countless ways to design arbors and pergolas. We discuss lots of options with our clients and listen to their input. Would it be best for it to be painted, stained or allowed to weather naturally? Do you prefer a clean finished edge or decorative ends on the rafters? What about lighting?

We use many different materials creatively to make arbors and pergolas perform as desired, e.g. cedar, redwood, treated wood, glass, “Lexan” thermoclear, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, vinyl and fabric. Our portfolio of photographs illustrates these materials and many possible features.

The real trick is to successfully create an appealing look that meets your functional requirements and fits comfortably into the situation at hand.

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