Decks – design and construction services

Our niche is creating decks that both satisfy the needs of the owner and blend with the home and its surroundings, regardless of shape and size. These are the best decks. Our decks are usually well beyond the ubiquitous small basic rectangular builder’s “slammer” and occasionally are large multi-level curved or angular extravaganzas with outdoor kitchens, spas, etc. Our decks have a distinctive look; but each one is different. They are truly custom. Our portfolio pictures hundreds and hundreds of such decks that we have designed and built. We offer job file plans, drawings, details and photographs for most of the projects we have done.

We always begin the design process by discussing function. How will you usually use the deck? Is low voltage lighting a good idea? What is your traffic flow? What elements would look best stained, sealed, weathered, composite, painted or vinyl? Most importantly, what kind of look do you like? You, your guests, neighbors and passersby will probably look at your deck far more than you will “use” it any other way. Function leads to size, configuration and features like planters, benches, railing, privacy screens, etc. In turn, looks, size, configuration and features lead to materials. We have used many types of decking materials such as western red cedar, redwood, treated, ipe (ironwood), vinyl and several composites like “Trex” and “Epoch Evergrain.” We can explain the pros and cons of each material.

We try to support the deck with the minimum amount of visual clutter. For upper decks, we strive to minimize the number of posts and keep them out of the way of traffic, view, etc. For lower decks, we normally fill in the area from the deck to the ground with various kinds of skirting. This helps make the deck look like it “belongs” instead of looking like a glaring appendage.

The real trick is to successfully create an appealing look that incorporates the features you want, meets your functional requirements and blends comfortably with the house and its surroundings. If you are looking for a deck like this, please call us today at (913) 385-7374 or (816) 923-5865 or email us to arrange a consultation.

We can make it happen.