Screened Porches – design and construction services

We have built a number of side porches, front porches, front entries, open porches and the like; but most of our porches have been screened in porches. Screened porches are an indoor/outdoor hybrid structure since they extend the house and the roof but also tie into the backyard.

We always begin with the functions of the porch, e.g. dining or sitting in bug-free fresh air, in determining the size and inside features of the porch. Porches usually have lights, plugs and ceiling fans. We normally match the details of trim, soffit, roofing, etc. of the house itself when designing the outside of a porch to make it look like it has always been there. We know how to cope with difficult and unusual roof situations. Traffic flow helps determined screened porch configuration and placement; but the house as it exists is usually the biggest factor. However, we can often add, relocate replace or eliminate doors and windows to improve the usability of the porch.

Most screened porch floors are decking. We have also used tile, concrete, paver bricks, and treated tongue and groove porch flooring. Ceilings vary from flat to sloping and from sheetrock tongue and groove wood to beaded ceiling to various types of sheeting from smooth hardboard or plywood to patterns like beaded ceiling plywood or grooved T1-11 plywood. The screen itself can be stapled with batt strips over the staples. We frequently have screens made in aluminum frames to fit the porch openings. This gives a more finished trimmed look and makes repair much easier, especially for porches well off the ground. Our portfolio photographs illustrate these features. We offer job file plans, drawings, details and pictures for most of our porches.

The real trick is to create your screened porch so it can be used the way you want to use it with an appealing look inside of a shell that looks like it “belongs” with the house.

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