Message from the President

I’m the president of Essential Extras, Inc. We are a small company; so I do a bit of everything. I’ve been around construction since the mid 1960’s, mostly on the administrative side. It started when Dad hired a general contractor whose bid was too low. We had to pay him and do his job to be sure things were done right for three light commercial buildings. After that, I functioned as the general. My job has always been figuring things out, supervising work and signing checks.

In addition to designing and supervision, I’ve personally done many construction tasks, helping and learning from smart and capable carpenters and other tradesmen on job sites. I also know what it’s like to work outdoors at 100 degrees and at ten below—no fun. We work year around. While I know the reality of putting things together, I have never been a tradesman and do not feel constrained by the ordinary. I have a knack for developing interesting and unusual designs that blend into the setting and meet client needs.

Our portfolio speaks for itself. This website is just a sample.

My experience over the years has been that few clients initially have a clear idea of just what they want their project to do for them (and why.) I start by determining the function or desired end result and work my way back to the physical project. By helping people think this through, we create better designs. I have consistently been able to conceptualize design ideas that integrate the rationale, the physical setting and our client’s likes and dislikes. Helping people find and realize their vision the best part of what I do.

I can make it happen.
Terry de Fraties