Home Repairs and Refurbishing

Nothing lasts forever; but things can often be repaired or refurbished to extend their useful life. We do trim and siding repairs routinely and occasionally need to do structural and termite repairs when replacing decks.

Decking replacement (here and there or sometimes whole sections of floor) is the most common deck repair. Next comes dealing with cedar posts that have rotted at or below grade. Shakey or questionable steps and step rails are not unusual. We have made shakey decks stop shaking, have made sinking decks look and feel level again, have made questionable rails unquestionably more secure and have stabilized, lag bolted or repaired many other things. We have also re-supported decks to get objectionable posts out of the way. Beyond repairs, we sometimes clean, wash, sand, seal, stain or paint to complete the transformation.

Sometimes, it makes sense to expand your deck, relocate or change steps, etc. as part of a refurbishing. Your time horizon, budget, and the extent to which your present deck is basically sound and meeting your needs will determine how extensive your repairs or refurbishing should be.

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