Gazebos – design and construction services

Although most gazebos have eight sides, some are square, and a few are rectangular. We have only done one with six sides. The majority of our gazebos have been 12’ octagons. This is big enough to be useful and small enough to be cost effective.

We can customize your gazebo in various ways. The vast majority have solid roofs (usually shingles or shakes of one type or another,) railing and open sides. Sometimes we pick up on elements of the house or other structures in designing the gazebo. We can incorporate screens, windows, wood lattice, vinyl lattice, glass, “Lexan” thermoclear and other things into our gazebos. There are many options available for posts, railing, benches, trim, ceiling treatment, cupolas, types of roofing, multi-level or multi-pitch or curved rooflines, lighting, etc. Floors can be wood, concrete, brick, mulch or turf depending on the situation.

We always begin a gazebo design by finding out how it will function for you. This helps determine size, shape and features and location. Many people are shocked to discover that gazebos are big. This makes it very important to carefully select the location and appropriate features for your gazebo. Sometimes an arbor or a pergola is a more practical alternative.

The real trick is to successfully create an appealing look with a gazebo that can function well while blending comfortably into its surroundings.

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