Ipe Arbors, Pergola, Privacy Screens – design and construction services

Ipe (pronounced “EE – pay”) is a sustainably harvested tropical hardwood, sometimes called ironwood or Brazilian walnut. It is extremely hard and durable and is very resistant to insects and rot. The grade we use is virtually knot-free. Like all wood, it weathers to a gray (the color of tree bark) unless it is treated. Untreated, it should last at least twice as long as cedar or redwood; so treatment is mainly cosmetic. The most popular treatment is Mesmers oil which maintains the rich brown color and keeps the surface much nicer.

We generally build ipe arbors, ipe pergolas and ipe privacy screens to maintain consistency of materials when there is an ipe deck. Massive ipe timber is not available; so designs must be adjusted to look appropriate with sizes we can obtain. Ipe is one of the most difficult materials to incorporate into arbors, pergolas and privacy screens which increases their labor costs.

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