Deck and Gazebo Plans and Design Service

We offer several levels of assistance to you if you want to build your own project.

We sell job file plans, drawings, details and photos for most of our past projects. We do not give the addresses. The fee is $50-100 depending on the project. You will need to adapt them to your situation and verify what local requirements apply.

If you want to take advantage of our considerable design experience but build your project yourself or with others or if you are at a distance at which it is not practical for Essential Extras, Inc. to execute the project, we sell designs and plans. Our fee is $55/hour plus a trip charge. The trip charge is $45 or $1.50/mile one way from Oak Park Mall to your door, whichever is greater. If driving is not practical or if several days are involved, we will make special arrangements.

We can usually meet with you, take measurements and create a scale drawing of your deck or arbor design in two to three hours; so the cost locally is usually under $200. As projects get bigger, higher in the air, more difficult and more unusual, it will take more time and cost more money. The same thing applies if you need construction detail drawings, material lists, site visits during construction, plans to take to review committees, building officials, etc.

Deck and Gazebo Plans and Design ServiceCall us today at (913) 385-7374 or (816) 923-5865 or email us to arrange a consultation.

We can make it happen.